Month: October 2020

Things to Know

A Few ThingsYou Need to Know About Church InsuranceUnless you’re a pastor, church administrator, or ministerial leader, you’ve probably never thought about church insurance—you may not even know it existed. And yet, church insurance is quietly present in many of our lives, protecting our places of worship.What is the most important kind of coverage for […]

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Thank You Pastors

To Pastors Everywhere:Thank YouIn honor of Pastor Appreciation Month, we at Mutual Aid Agency wanted to take a moment to thank the pastors, reverends, ministers, priests, and other faith leaders who have made such a difference in our lives.Dear Pastors,In times of both sorrow and joy, your presence has been a reassuring constant. Yours is […]

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Barn Raising

Barn Raising in 2020What Mutuality Means to MAA TodayWhen Mutual Aid Agency was founded in 1885, there was a tangible, physical, in-person need for mutual support. In times of loss, neighbors banded together to literally raise barns, repair roofs, protect crops, and share a mutual responsibility for one another.One hundred years ago, it was easy […]

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