Our Heritage & History

In the late 1800’s most Brethren churches and their members were located in rural areas. Members felt isolated from other churches and one another. Despite the distance, a desire to care for one another in times of loss remained strong.

To continue the tradition of sharing one another’s burdens (typified by the practice known as barn-raising) an alternative to worldly insurance was sought. With constitution and bylaws in hand, with the church’s district approval, and with the initial commitment of nine men, the Mutual Aid Society of Northeastern Kansas was born in the spring of 1885.

For nearly the first century of our work, we operated from the kitchen table of our then-president (called the secretary). The Annual Meeting set simple rates and assessed members accordingly. Actual production and mailing of documents was literally a family affair.

Changes have occurred throughout the decades. Insured church members moved from the farm to the cities, and we opened coverage to small businesses and rental properties, as well as to suburban housing. In the 1970’s our office was constructed near Abilene, Kansas, and in the late 1990’s it was remodeled and enlarged to better serve as our Home Office.

Today, we continue to offer a complete line of church, personal, farm, and commercial insurance products to churches and individuals across the nation.