Claims FAQ

The following are some frequently asked questions that we receive at Mutual Aid agency regarding the claims process:

When do I need to make a claim on my home, car, or ministry?

It is best to notify the insurance company or agency as soon as you have all the necessary information…


What does it mean, and is it a good choice?

What does self-insure mean?

Self-insuring is defined by protecting yourself or your ministry through a cash reserve—money you or your ministry has set aside for an emergency.

Why is insurance always…

Join MAA at Annual Conference 2021

Ice Cream and Laptop

We have come to anticipate business meetings, insight sessions and worship services at the Church of the Brethren Annual Conference each year. It’s an opportunity to learn, network, find inspiration, and discover new vigor for the important work we do. There’s delight in reconnecting with…

Is Flood Insurance Right For You?

If you were to be asked if your insurance includes coverage for flood damage, would you know the answer? Do you know your risk of flood based on the location of your property?

The truth is many property owners don't know the answers to these questions. A recent survey even showed that 43% of Americans think that their homeowners insurance provides coverage in case of flooding, and only 3%…

Meet Our Staff

When you purchase insurance through Mutual Aid Agency, you get comprehensive coverage and peace of mind. You also become part of something bigger than insurance—doing good for the good of doing it. And when it comes to service, you enjoy personal attention from the MAA team.

Hope for the Future

Spring, Easter, and Annual Conference

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! By his great mercy he has given us a new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. 1 Peter 1:3 NRSV

Spring is synonymous with hope. The ground thaws, days lengthen, and birds begin to sing again. We push seeds into the soil and watch flowers…

Our Map to Mutuality: Transforming how you think about insurance.

At Mutual Aid Agency, our goal is simple: We are committed to working together to do good.

We stand ready to lend a hand, promote stewardship, share resources, and serve as a channel for mutual aid in times of crisis. Our hope is that this approach will transform how our clients and partners think about insurance-as more than a need, but as a unit where we truly work together to care for…

Staff Spotlight: Kim Rutter

You know that MAA is an insurance agency rooted in Church of the Brethren values and dedicated to mutuality and service, but what do you know about the folks behind the brand? Allow us to introduce our team members who work  to protect your peace of mind, and offer a peek inside our agency’s collective…

Looking Ahead

Glancing in the rearview as we journey forward together

This past January, there was no way anyone could foresee what was emerging on the horizon. The turn was sudden, sharp, and a total blur. But it’s true that difficult events can bring about the best in others: 2020 has shown how remarkably adaptable and resilient folks can be.

Like so many others, the insurance industry immediately…

Expressing Joy in Advent

Advent is a season of anticipation. We count down the days with happy expectations, waiting to celebrate with friends and family to carry out old traditions and embrace new ones, to sing a Christmas hymn, and—above all else—to welcome the birth of the infant Jesus, God’s own son, into our weary world.

It’s to be a time of joy, resting quietly in the promise of Emmanuel.

For so many…

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