(Re)-Introducing MAA

Dear Friend,

After months of preparation we are excited to announce that Brethren Mutual Aid Agency has formally shortened our name to one that is likely already familiar to you: It's my pleasure to re-introduce you to Mutual Aid Agency, or MAA, as we're already known by many.

This choice to simplify MAA's name was made in an effort to communicate our continued relevance in a changing world and culture, and to clarify that we welcome churches and individuals from across the nation to participate in our church, personal, farm, and commercial insurance plans.

We also opted to give mutuality a more prominent position in our name to reinforce our commitment to service and community, and to call attention to our long-standing Brethren tradition of seeking peace and unity in everything we do. Our Church of the Brethren values and partnerships remain at the forefront of our priorities at MAA, and we are grateful for our Anabaptist tradition that inspires us to work together to do good in the world every day.

To accompany our new name we're also excited to reveal a refreshed MAA logo. This new brand is also grounded in our Brethren heritage, which is portrayed in the familiar tent that symbolizes our work together to build, cover, and support each other. It also nods to our faith foundation by including a cross, which reminds us of our commitment to churches as structures, yes, but most importantly, as brothers and sisters in Christ. We have chosen to retain the deep blue of our former logo, a color that we hope conveys our values of peace, stability, and integrity.

Beginning this month, you'll begin to see our new name and brand appear in letters like these, as well as on our MAA social media and website. And if we have the pleasure of seeing you at Annual Conference in Grand Rapids this July, be sure to stop by the MAA booth to see how we navigate the "map to mutuality" together.

It's my joy to serve you as MAA's General Manager, and I'm honored to walk with you as we trek the road ahead. There are great things on the horizon, and I'm looking forward to discovering them together.

In gratitude,

Kim Rutter

General Manager

P.S. Don't hesitate to email maa@maabrethren.com or call 800-255-1243 with any questions about our name or our products and services, and be sure to follow @MutualAidAgency on Facebook for all our latest news.