Brethren Mutual Aid Agency Reveals New Name

In celebration of their 135th anniversary, Brethren Mutual Aid Agency is excited to announce a new and official name change: Say hello to Mutual Aid Agency, or MAA, as they are already known by many.

The choice to simplify MAA’s name was made in an effort to communicate their continued relevance in an ever-changing world and culture. MAA welcomes individuals and churches from across the nation to participate in their mutual church, personal, farm, and commercial insurance plans. 

By emphasizing the word “mutual,” Mutual Aid Agency reinforces their continued commitment to service and community, as well as the Brethren tradition of seeking peace and unity. 

MAA remains a dedicated partner with the Brethren faith community. “Our Brethren heritage and values remain at the forefront of our priorities,” says Kim Rutter, General Manager of MAA. “We are grateful for these roots that inspire us to work together and to do good.”

To accompany their new name, MAA is excited to reveal a refreshed logo. The new look features the familiar tent of past logos which serves as a symbol of their work to “build, cover, and support each other.” A calming shade of blue, it also includes a cross in honor of MAA’s faith foundation. 

Mutual Aid Agency is an independent insurance agency based near Abilene, Kansas. Since its humble beginning in 1885, the agency has been providing peace of mind to its clients, becoming a highly respected provider of property insurance to the Church of the Brethren and its members. 

Visit their website at maabrethren.com for more information, or contact them directly by phone or email: 800-255-1243, maa@maabrethren.com.