MAA and COB: Peacefully, Simply, Together

It's no secret that Mutual Aid Agency supports the Church of the Brethren. Until recently, the word "Brethren" was in our very name. But how, exactly, do we apply our commitment to the Brethren way in our work, living Peacefully, Simply, and Together?


For Brethren, living peacefully means so much more than living a life of tranquility or isolation. It means treating each other with respect and compassion, acknowledging that all human beings deserve to be treated with decency and kindness.

How do we reflect that at MAA? In our true desire to help others.

When a client experiences loss, we do everything we can to make the claim process smooth and efficient. But more than that, we care for our clients with empathy, setting us apart from other agencies. We prioritize the person, not the claim.

In our daily interactions, we do everything in our power to give superior service to all who contact us, treating each person with compassion and respect. Our clients trust us to present them with the best insurance policies to meet their specific needs—a responsibility we don't take lightly. We aren't just here for the sale. We're here to lend a hand.


MAA is a quiet organization. We aren't ones to boast or broadcast the ways in which we help the community or push our products on uninterested clients. Our goal is simple: do good for the good of doing it.

On a practical level, we are intentional in our spending. We've repurposed furnishings rather than buying new and we've been in the same building since the 1970s. If we can go without, we do.

For the Earth, our staff is careful to recycle. Our building is cleaned with all-natural products that are safe for the environment. Wherever we can, we cut out paper in favor of electronic systems, and we have updated our lighting and HVAC to high-efficiency systems.

Simply put: we strive to be good stewards of everything we've been given.


To be Brethren is to be part of a community, starting with the home, the church, and extending to the world. We work to support that community, providing quality insurance on all levels, from individual households to churches and camps.

MAA makes every effort to support other Brethren endeavors, doing as much business as we can within the Brethren community. Whenever possible, we partner with insurance companies that share our core values, supporting each other as part of a greater community. Through the Ministry Partnership program and the Brethren Mutual Aid Share Fund, we're also able to give a portion of our profits back to those in need.

When the next opportunity to gather together arrives, we look forward to sharing it with all of you: peacefully, simply, together.

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