Ministry Partner Program

What is it, and how does it work?

Mutual Aid Agency’s mission and vision are what set us apart from other agencies: we are committed to working together to do good so that all may benefit. Our role in the Ministry Partner Program is one of the many unique ways in which we fulfill that mission.

What is the Ministry Partner Program?

We participate with Brotherhood Mutual, a longtime partner of MAA and the Church of the Brethren, to provide a way for all of us—MAA, congregations, districts, and camps—to live out our belief in mutual stewardship and support. 

Committed to Giving Back

When ministries of the Church of the Brethren choose to purchase property and

casualty insurance with Brotherhood Mutual—and through us, as their agent—a portion of premiums paid go back to the Church of the Brethren through Ministry Partner Payments and Safe Ministry Rewards.

Ministry Partner Payment 

The first payments are automatically given to qualifying associations with 100 members or more. The size of the payment is determined by the number of member organizations within the association. In the case of the Church of the Brethren, which has more than 100 denominational members, it qualifies for the highest tier reward: $50,000 annually. 

Safe Ministry Reward

Payment number two starts with us: MAA provides tools and resources about risk management to congregations, districts, and  camps that choose Brotherhood Mutual as their insurance provider because we know that when proper precautions are in place, everybody wins. Fewer losses leads to decreased claims, which allows Brotherhood Mutual to give dollars back to the domination as a Safe Ministry Reward.

This reward is only an incentive—the program won’t change the policy premium, but simply encourages associations and members to practice positive risk management for a financial reward, furthering the work of the larger church. 

Why MAA?

When a ministry purchases insurance through us, Brotherhood Mutual is one of their provider options. If they choose Brotherhood Mutual, they participate in a truly mutual insurance program, where stewardship is a shared responsibility.

As the sponsor agency, MAA benefits from this partnership by using the loss data. Brotherhood shares this information with us, which we use to strengthen our relationships with our clients by providing them with tailored resources on risk management and how to lower their risk. 

Fewer losses equals more rewards for the CoB. Since 2003, the Church of the Brethren has received over a million dollars from the program.

Mutual Aid Agency works hard to promote the Ministry Partner Program—not only for our growth, but because more participation means more mutuality, shared stewardship, and support of each other. 

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