Barn Raising in 2020

What Mutuality Means to MAA Today
When Mutual Aid Agency was founded in 1885, there was a tangible, physical, in-person need for mutual support. In times of loss, neighbors banded together to literally raise barns, repair roofs, protect crops, and share a mutual responsibility for one another.

One hundred years ago, it was easy to define mutuality: it meant being better together, bearing each other's burdens, and doing more as a group than one person could do alone.

Today, when life is less tangible and increasingly virtual, mutuality is harder to define.

MAA has traded in work boots and coveralls for business casual attire, but we are still guided by the belief that we're able to accomplish more together than apart.

So what does mutuality look like in 2020?

Being a Good Neighbor
While the physicality of our community may not be as present, we have gained a bigger neighborhood. Instead of being limited to serving the people on our block or the next farm over, we are now able to be "neighbors" to so many more. Thanks to the speed of technology, we're able to quickly and carefully offer tailored advice, process loss claims, and create quote requests, sometimes in as little as a day.

We may no longer be literal neighbors, but we're never out of reach. Call, text, email, Zoom— we're happy to respond to whichever communications method is most comfortable for you.

Increasing Our Impact
In serving so many, we've increased our impact exponentially: Each client gained means an added partner in mutuality. We provide our neighbors with helpful resources that encourage them to be good stewards of what they've been given, resulting in fewer losses overall.

Mutuality requires good stewardship. Our clients take that seriously, and it's reflected in our loss ratios.

Making a Difference
When you choose MAA, you're putting your money toward something bigger than insurance. Every year, a portion of our profits are given back to neighbors in need through our Share Fund, and our partnership with Brotherhood Mutual also allows us to give back to the Church of the Brethren through the Ministry Partner Program.

But making a difference in our community requires more than financial integrity. It means making intentional choices around the office and in the way we conduct our business. Shopping

small, choosing local vendors, purchasing eco-friendly products and cleaning supplies, recycling, and investing in a socially responsible portfolio are all part of mutuality.

When you partner with MAA, you're doing more than purchasing insurance: you're choosing to be part of something bigger than yourself.

Together, in an age when the world's issues can feel unmanageable, working together to do good is perhaps more important than ever. Even the smallest change—like choosing to purchase insurance through MAA—can make a difference in the lives of our friends, neighbors, and global community.

Call, email, or use the chat function to find out how: maa@brethren.com | 800-255-1243