Let's Get Personal About Insurance

MAA offers both protection and the possibility of being part of something more.

At Mutual Aid Agency, our mission is to do good. We believe that the world can sometimes feel full of problems, but that we can make a real, positive difference when we work and serve together.

One person can’t do it all, but collectively, we can make the world a better place.

For us, that kind of mutuality sometimes means recycling or purchasing sustainable products for our office. Other times, it means offering you an affordable, mutual option for protecting some of the things in your life that matter most: your home, farm, and auto.

What is personal lines insurance?

Personal Lines Insurance is intended to protect you from unexpected loss and catastrophe—a safety net that you hope you’ll never need. MAA offers home, auto, farm, renters, flood, and umbrella. 

How am I protected when I purchase personal lines insurance?

While that depends on what you purchase, property coverage is designed to prevent the unexpected from causing chaos. Fire, wind damage, theft—they’re all types of damages that homeowners face, but that shouldn’t be a source of anxiety. It’s our job to help you choose a policy that will protect you.  We will also support you through any future claims.  

Unfortunately, lawsuits happen.  Personal liability insurance (available through our home, auto, farm and renters policies) protects you in case someone is injured on your property or in case you accidentally damage someone else’s property.  Liability also helps cover most defense and court costs, as well as medical payments for injuries to people other than the residents of the household.

It’s always good to consider an umbrella policy for added liability protection.  If you are found liable or sued in court for major things you didn’t see coming (for example, a multi-car accident that injures multiple people and you’re at fault), the liability coverage on your standard policy may not be enough to cover the costs.

What kind of savings can MAA offer?

Bundling coverage is a great way to save. You can save up to 15% on home and 12% on auto, and we offer farm bundle options as well. Plus, there are discounts for good drivers, good students, homes equipped with protective devices like sprinkler systems and smoke detectors, and for new construction (homes that are newer than eight years).

What are some unique policies that MAA recommends?

The best way for us to create a policy is to tailor it to your unique needs, but there are some types of coverage you may not have considered.  For example:


When it rains, it pours.  And anywhere it rains, it can flood.  Flash floods, rising creeks and rivers and other forms of excess water on land that is normally dry can cause extensive damage - even if you’re not in a flood zone.  Flood insurance can be the difference between recovery and devastation.  

For your home: Underground Service Line Coverage

A “Covered Service Line” means any exterior underground piping and wiring on your property. With this coverage, you’re protected against backups, overflows, and other kinds of breakage, up to $10,000.

For your car: Trip Interruption Coverage

When you’re far from home, the last thing you want is car trouble. But if it happens more than 100 miles from home, some companies offer trip interruption coverage.  If your auto is out of service for more than 24 hours, this coverage will pay up to $600 to get you back home or cover necessities like food and lodging while you wait for your car to be ready to go again.

How do I get started with MAA?

Starting a conversation with an agent is simple: contact us via phone, email, the chat feature on the website, or even text message.

Our priority is to serve clients as efficiently as possible, going the extra mile whenever we can. Sometimes that means turning a quote around in a few hours for first-time home buyers, other times it means working with multiple companies so we can help you with securing the coverage your property needs.

MAA agents make it their mission to assist you in protecting your home, your belongings, your car, and your farm. We’ll guide you through the coverage process so you can rest easy knowing you have coverage that fits your needs.

Be part of something bigger.

The act of purchasing home or auto insurance might not seem exciting or significant, but when you give your business to MAA, you join a community of like-minded people eager to do good in the world.

You’ll have coverage, of course, but you can also trust us as an agency—as your friends and partners—to do our best to support community, give back, and make sure our resources are handled responsibly . (Read more about that process in our blogs about the Share Fund and Ministry Partner Program.)

Yes, you could get insurance somewhere else. But purchasing insurance with MAA means belonging to something bigger and, together, making the world a little bit brighter with one simple act.

Call, email, or text us to get a quote for unique coverage that’s best for you. 

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