Staff Spotlight: Kim Rutter

You know that MAA is an insurance agency rooted in Church of the Brethren values and dedicated to mutuality and service, but what do you know about the folks behind the brand? Allow us to introduce our team members who work  to protect your peace of mind, and offer a peek inside our agency’s collective personalities, one individual at a time.
First up: Meet Kim Rutter, our General Manager, who prefers hot tea to coffee and rescue mutts (Milo and Snickers) to purebreds. A Kansas girl from birth, she has been with our agency for 12 years and has been leading MAA since 2018.
Tell us about how you developed one of your passions.  
Kim: Funny you ask this! I became an empty nester a few years ago so I have been reconnecting with and rediscovering “me” outside of family and work. My husband and I enjoy camping and fishing, so we spend a lot of time at the lake and our state parks. Since I sit at a desk all day, I started walking trails to become more active, but found I enjoyed other aspects of hiking too: taking in nature; the quiet time and space from the pressures of everyday life. 
Hiking has helped me to focus on God’s presence with us in this world and become more passionate about reading scripture. My mom recently invited me to join a daily Bible study and I realized I’ve never read the Bible cover to cover. This year, I aim to read the Bible daily, covering it from Genesis through Revelation.
Tell us a story from your career path that has prepared you for your role at MAA.
What I learned in the real world that I could never have learned from a textbook is the difference between a leader and a “boss.”  The true leaders I worked under taught me that it’s better to sit in the middle of a circle of awesome team members than to be alone at the top of a mountain, shouting down to others. I’m still developing my leadership skills as general manager; I know that I’m not perfect and don’t have all the answers. But I am passionate about MAA, what I do, my team members, and the needs of our clients.
Like my mentors, I challenge myself to keep learning. I aim to listen and understand rather than judge and react.
On your best day, what makes you most satisfied with your work at MAA?  
I go home feeling good when I have managed my time well, rather than letting daily minutiae manage my time for me. I need to check items off my “to do” list each day.
What is your vision for your role at MAA? 
I want to ensure MAA is always thinking big so it can do more! MAA has such a meaningful mission and purpose. I desire to always create and develop a clear path for it to continue offering a mutual insurance program that ultimately impacts the lives of others by being generous with its resources.