Our Map to Mutuality: Transforming how you think about insurance.

At Mutual Aid Agency, our goal is simple: We are committed to working together to do good.

We stand ready to lend a hand, promote stewardship, share resources, and serve as a channel for mutual aid in times of crisis. Our hope is that this approach will transform how our clients and partners think about insurance-as more than a need, but as a unit where we truly work together to care for one another.

On this pursuit to bear one another's burdens, we are following a "Map to Mutuality" and invite you to join us.

Our Map to Mutuality is a cycle of four steps:

1. Insurance is purchased through Mutual Aid Agency.
2. MAA donates a portion of premium dollars to the Share Fund.
3. Share Fund grants are distributed to those in need.
4. Lives are t ouched: Together, we make a difference.

It's that simple. By choosing Mutual Aid Agency, you're choosing more than a quality insurance provider. You're choosing to do good and to join a community of like-minded people seeking mutuality.

While our map to mutuality is straight-forward, there are additional acts of mutuality to discover along the way. Our Ministry Partner Program, for example, is another way we provide truly mutual insurance . When Brethren ministries choose to purchase insurance with Brotherhood Mutual- and through us, as the agency-a ministry partner payment and safe ministry reward goes back to the Church of the Brethren. Last year's reward totaled $50,000!

The Share Fund, MAA's own nonprofit outreach, was created to assist eligible ministries with the caring and sharing work they do within their churches and communities. MAA tithes to this fund annually and granted over $12,000.00 to our insured churches last year. When you choose to work with us, you are choosing to work with the Share Fund and to help those experiencing crisis.

Sharing each other's burdens has been the cornerstone of Mutual Aid Agency's mission since our beginning in 1885. It's what has inspired us to find new and innovative ways to care for our

community over the past 135 years, and what continues to drive us as we pursue new avenues of mutuality in the twenty-first century.

Will you join us in this pursuit? Call, email, or use the chat function to find out how: maa@maabrethren.com I 800-255-1243 Imaabrethren.com