Meet Our Staff

When you purchase insurance through Mutual Aid Agency, you get comprehensive coverage and peace of mind. You also become part of something bigger than insurance—doing good for the good of doing it. And when it comes to service, you enjoy personal attention from the MAA team.

If you call MAA you’ll speak to one of our dedicated team members:

Lauren Cross, Personal Lines Agent

Whether sweating through a walk or an at-home workout, Lauren works to stay energized and feeling good. She’s passionate about becoming a little better every day—a dedication she also applies to her position at MAA where she goes above and beyond for her clients.

“I feel most satisfied with my work when I leave knowing that I not only accomplished my tasks for the day, but also held great conversations with the insureds and my coworkers,” she says. “I still learn new things every day, and that motivates me to keep striving for more!”

Coffee Preference: Lauren enjoys a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino from Starbucks or a
Caramel Frappe from McDonalds, but doesn’t typically drink coffee.

Sheila Hummel, Business Coordinator

Instead of rushing through the early morning to get out the door, Sheila makes a point of starting her day from a place of peace. She takes time for herself—physically, mentally, and spiritually—by reading scripture and walking. For Sheila, mornings “provide the perfect space to pray and spend time with God.”

Sheila’s positive attitude is valued by clients and coworkers alike: she makes every effort to be
helpful and kind to everyone while getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

Coffee Preference: Always black! Nothing Fancy!


Kristy Wilson, Operations Coordinator

Raised on a farm, Kristy is constantly looking for reasons to be outside and is intentional about carving out time for fresh-air activities. “One of my favorite things to do is take my dog, Lexie, on walks down the dirt roads or through the fields near my house,” says Kristy.

Kristy loves watching an idea become reality. “A lot of hard work goes into starting a new project and it’s nice to see when that work comes to life—especially when you start to see it benefit the clients and the agency.”

Coffee Preference: With a splash of milk and vanilla creamer.

Chatting with one of us is easy!

Call 800-255-1243 today, or visit maabrethren.com to learn more about MAA and our line up of insurance products.