Is Flood Insurance Right For You?

If you were to be asked if your insurance includes coverage for flood damage, would you know the answer? Do you know your risk of flood based on the location of your property?

The truth is many property owners don't know the answers to these questions. A recent survey even showed that 43% of Americans think that their homeowners insurance provides coverage in case of flooding, and only 3% believe their home to be at risk of flooding. Yet almost every county in the US was impacted by flooding at some point between 1996 to 2019, proving that devastating rainfall can occur anywhere—including your home, ministry or business.

As your source of insurance information, Mutual Aid Agency wants to clarify some of the misconceptions about flooding, flood insurance, and coverage:

Q. Is flood insurance included in my homeowner's policy?
No. Despite nearly half of the US population believing it to be the case, flood insurance is not typically included in any homeowner's policy, no matter your provider. It's almost always a separate policy.

Q. Why should I get flood insurance?
Flood damage can be absolutely devastating—both financially and emotionally. While insurance can't protect you from the loss of sentimental valuables, it can save you from the stress of an unexpected debt. In 2019, the average claim payout from the National Flood Insurance Program was over $50,000—an amount that could be catastrophic for families who have to pay out-of-pocket.

Q. Who needs flood insurance?
While flood insurance is a good idea for everyone, you should certainly purchase it if you live in an area that is subject to floods. If you want to assess your level of risk, you can check your location using the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) flood map.

Q. Is flood insurance required?
If your home is in a high-risk flood area and you have a mortgage, you are likely required to have flood insurance. If you have outbuildings in a flood zone, you may also have to secure coverage on those as well. Even if you are not required, but live in an area subject to flood, it is a good idea to secure flood insurance.

Q. Can I get coverage for other structures or contents?
Yes! We recommend covering buildings other than your home, including barns, detached garages, and other outbuildings in your flood insurance policy. A flood insurance policy covers the structures, but coverage for contents can be added for an additional premium.

Q. What about a church building, camp or ministry—how do I get coverage for that?
As with a homeowner's policy, flood insurance isn't included in standard ministry coverage, so it is an important additional policy. Mutual Aid Agency specializes in helping ministries get the protection they need, and that includes insuring against the risk of flood damage.

Q. Can I bundle my flood insurance for a better rate?
Unfortunately, because flood insurance is a stand-alone policy, it can't be bundled with any existing insurance coverage you may already have.

Q. Can MAA help me with my flood insurance policy?
Yes, absolutely! Call, email, or text us for help in choosing coverage that fits your needs. For more information about flood insurance, visit www.fema.gov.

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