Practicing Gratitude in the Season of Giving

"O Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good!" – Psalm 107:1

Mutual Aid Agency is thankful for a myriad of reasons this November. We're thankful for a warm office on cold days, for shared laughter between coworkers, and for a cozy office cat that always brings a smile to our faces.

Most of all, we're thankful for the wonderful clients we get to work with every day.

Thank you for supporting our mission of mutuality; together, we're so much more than insurance.

As we approach Thanksgiving, we'd like to share some thoughts on thankfulness with you, our valued community. We'll be taking them to heart this holiday season as we make a conscious effort to practice gratitude—won't you join us?

Appreciate the Everyday

While it's easy to be thankful for life's big, dramatic moments, most days are made up of simple, everyday joys. As you go about your day, we encourage you to recognize and appreciate the small things:

  • Hot coffee on a cool morning
  • Dear friends to laugh—and cry—with
  • Fresh Autumn air
  • Evenings spent with loved ones
  • Clean water
  • The unmatched beauty of a sunrise or sunset

Pass it Forward

Gratitude doesn't have to be passive; it can be active! Try volunteering at your local food pantry, homeless shelter, or church ministry to actively express your thankfulness for life, health, and abundance by sharing with those in need.

Make it a Habit

Like learning an instrument or starting a new exercise regime, practicing gratitude doesn't just happen; it takes intention. Pick a time to list three things that you're thankful for every day, and thank God for them. By practicing gratitude daily, every day can be Thanksgiving Day.

Mutual Aid Agency wishes you a blessed and happy Thanksgiving. May your table be full and your heart abound with gratitude.