Merry Christmas from Mutual Aid Agency

'Tis the season for sleigh rides and Christmas jingles, for hot mugs of cocoa and chilled glasses of eggnog, for twinkly lights and sparkly tinsel, for gathering friends and family together to share God's abundant blessings.

Most of all, it's the season in which we celebrate the birth of Jesus, God's own son, born in a simple stable to save the world from darkness.

Many count down the days to December 25 with calendars filled with chocolate goodies and other surprises. But the Church—and its people—marks the weeks leading up to Christmas by observing Advent, often with the lighting of candles. These candles represent the hope, love, joy, and peace that are brought to us by Jesus, the light of the world.

As we go through Advent, MAA is reflecting on the promises symbolized by those candles.


This December, hope abounds. A far cry from last year, we have hope for the future and the world seems much brighter. But the hope we have in Jesus transcends our immediate circumstances—no matter the state of this Earth, we rest in the hope of an infant, found lying in a manger.


We practice love all year long, but there's something extra special about spreading the love of Jesus during Advent. The smallest word or act of kindness reminds us (and others!) of God's love. Dropping off a meal for a housebound senior or packing a shoebox full of Christmas cheer for a child in need are tangible gestures of God's love, but even the simple act of holding the door or thanking a cashier can make a difference in someone's day.


Emmanuel, God with us! Rejoicing in the promise of Jesus is perhaps more effortless at Christmastime, where nativity scenes abound and hymns are in the air. We find joy in giving gifts and baking cookies, but ultimately in the blessed assurance that Jesus is ours.


Finally, we light the candle of peace, confident in Jesus who came to bring peace on Earth and goodwill to all mankind. While we are still waiting for a world at peace, we find internal peace in Jesus.

MAA wishes you hope, love, joy, and peace this Christmas season, and always.