MAA and COB: Peacefully, Simply, Together

It's no secret that Mutual Aid Agency supports the Church of the Brethren. Until recently, the word "Brethren" was in our very name. But how, exactly, do we apply our commitment to the Brethren way in our work, living Peacefully, Simply, and Together?


For Brethren, living peacefully means so much more than living a life of tranquility or isolation. It…

From Farm Table to Agency: Celebrating 135 Years of MAA

2020 is a landmark year for Mutual Aid Agency, marking our 135th anniversary. In light of such a significant milestone, we’d like to take a look back—and a look forward—at MAA through the years.

Mutual Aid Agency began as the Mutual Aid Society of Northeastern Kansas. Born out of a desire to care for one another during times of loss and hardship, it was created in 1885 by nine men who dreamed…

Brethren Mutual Aid Agency Reveals New Name

In celebration of their 135th anniversary, Brethren Mutual Aid Agency is excited to announce a new and official name change: Say hello to Mutual Aid Agency, or MAA, as they are already known by many.

The choice to simplify MAA’s name was made in an effort to communicate their continued relevance in an ever-changing world and culture. MAA welcomes individuals and churches from across the…

Why the Brethren Mutual Aid Share Fund?

Mutual Aid Agency is not a typical insurance agency: We come from a rich tradition of community, mutual service, and a commitment to serving those in need. Our Brethren roots set us apart from other agencies, and we remain faithfully committed to our heritage to this day.

Our mission goes beyond insurance. MAA stands at the ready to lend a helping hand, share resources,…

National Agency Awards - 2019

Mutual Aid Agency is honored to be the recipient of the "Mid-Size Agency of the Year" award in the Central Regional Category from Brotherhood Mutual. Thank you, Brotherhood Mutual, and congratulations to all our fellow award-winners!

2019 Agent Awards

Share Fund’s Response to COVID-19

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the Brethren Mutual Aid Share Fund is pleased to announce that any grant requests related to the virus will be eligible for double matching. 
After a comprehensive discussion during their May meeting, the Share Fund board felt this increase was a necessary response to the growing needs of Brethren individuals, families, and communities brought…

(Re)-Introducing MAA

Dear Friend,

After months of preparation we are excited to announce that Brethren Mutual Aid Agency has formally shortened our name to one that is likely already familiar to you: It's my pleasure to re-introduce you to Mutual Aid Agency, or MAA, as we're already known by many.

This choice to simplify MAA's name was made in an effort to communicate our continued relevance in a changing…

March 16, 2014

The Church of the Brethren denomination has received a large insurance dividend of $174,984 from Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company, through its Partnership Group Program. Brethren Mutual Aid is the sponsoring agency for the program, which rewards the claims experience of the congregations, camps, and districts that make up the group along with the denominational organization.


March 7, 2014

Brethren Mutual Aid Agency has been named one of Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company’s Top 15 agencies for 2013.

The agency received the Five-Star Award at an awards banquet in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The annual award recognizes an agent’s outstanding production and overall profitability to the company over a three-year period.

This is the fifth time the company has been recognized…

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